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For an account of events, please see: Gareth Cliff fired from Idols: a timeline of events Family?Father (Rory), Mother (Monica), Brother (Robert) and Sister (Sandra) Claim to fame?The Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan Magazine, SABC, MTV Base, e NCA and other smaller publications joined in this slovenly mess by re-publishing the story as a fact.Not one journalist called me to fact check anything at all. When we talk about fake news, this is what we mean.Former Idols SA judge Gareth Cliff has posted a statement on Facebook confronting allegations printed in the Sunday Times last week that he gave fellow judge Mara Louw a spiked drink, leading her to swear on live television.Here is the full statement: #The Truth Last Sunday I finished my last season as an Idols judge.Gareth Cliff would not be part of the judging panel for South African Idols season 12, which was due to commence with countrywide auditions at the end of this month, M-Net announced.“M-Net made the announcement late last night in a statement, where it thanked the radio DJ for the critical role he has played in seeking out and developing new talent over the years and for contributing to the success of the show to date,” EWN reported.

No, my family wouldn't allow or pardon any social faux-pas, so I'm rigid with formality and correctness. Loads: being felt up recently by a well-known celeb - I can't say who, cause I'd be sued - but I was very, very drunk, and thankfully was dragged away before he (yes, he! my girlfriend told me the next morning and I went into a deep depression - yes, laugh while you can, wait 'till it happens to you. Janine Lindemulder (the guys will know who I'm talking about). There is no try" - Yoda in Star Wars What is the worst advice you have ever been given? Music is the one thing I'll never get sick of, and it's the one obsession I'll have until I die. Salinger's Catcher in the Rye (actually I've never read it, but everybody else says it's the best...) I don't read fiction.

“Cliff came under fire earlier this week, when he weighed in on the Penny Sparrow saga after the former estate agent called black beachgoers at Durban’s beaches, monkeys”.

Broadcasting live weekdays 6am – 9am as well as on podcast.

He has won several awards including People's Choice Crystal Award for Favourite Radio Personality; Kids Favourite TV Presenter and Favourite Radio Presenter; has regularly been one of the top South Africans in the HEAT Top 100; as well as regular winner and finalist in the YOU awards.

Cliff was found in contravention of the code protecting religious freedom by the Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa (BCCSA) in respect of an interview he conducted with Jesus on his show on Wednesday 10th March 2004.

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