Problems updating garmin oregon 450t gps

The only improvement would be to extend battery life I’m not a particularly adventurous walker, about 10 miles on footpaths is the norm but thought a GPS might add to the interest.

The spec of the 450 was probably much more than I require (what’s geocaching?

Garmin weren’t able to help but having downloaded “Easy GPS” I was able to clear it on my computer (Garmin rep was thankful for the tip).

I bought a North of England SD card (£74 from Garmin) which from day one never sat quite right in the base which meant the SD card locking clip didn’t work properly with the result that great care was needed when inserting the batteries or the card became dislodged(I know I should have returned the 450 at this point but saw it as a nuisance rather than a problem)This was fine in a home environment but out in bad weather one day the inevitable happened, the card moved and broke when I closed the battery cover.

In my case i had one for hiking, geocaching and cycling. I have mine set on battery saving where the backlight timeout is 15 secs.

Ive been using the unit for several months now and it finds the satellites very fast when first powered up ( just a few mins, not 10mins like i read on some reviews, they must of been stood in a tube station) , its tracking is fast and accurate, the screen is very tough, i did buy a screen protector which didn't effect the visuals, my only criticism is of the O. map, not the Garmin unit, the pink footpath line is a bit hard to follow just using it to scan over, but if you've set a route out it will track over the paths for you on the OS maps.

I have no problem at reading the screen its bright enough.

This improves the battery life dramatically especially if you turn the backlight down to minimum.

This is a disadvantage if you are thinking of using this for cycle navigation as you have wake the screen up every so often.

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